A central part of the Breakwater platform is its integrated security solution. Breakwater is certified in ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials. This helps us to adhere to standards surrounding information and system security.


Components are selected on the basis that they work together to monitor, maintain and protect your systems – ultimately reducing risk.

Email Security

We deliver advanced malware and virus protection on your email. Our email security filtering service is designed to remove the risks and complexities of email management. It also helps you brand your emails to give continuity to all communications.

Our cloud-based service blocks 100% of known viruses and more than 99% of spam emails before they reach your network.

In the event of unplanned downtime, continuity and archiving services mean emails can be accessed and maintained. This will be through a secure data centre.

You can add upgrade options such as large file send and email archiving at an additional cost.

Web Browser Security

Cloud security offers you powerful protection across all devices and locations. It stops malware before it reaches your systems.

Regular monitoring of internet activity identifies anomalies and distinguishes patterns. The software will actively block and protect you from bad sites and bot nets. It can also be configured to report on internet usage.

Security Enhancements

We include security enhancements in our standard support package to keep your business safe. These enhancements aim to protect your business from cyber threats using a range of policies including:

  • Disabling cloud storage devices
  • Prevention of public webmail access
  • Prevention of social media access
  • Disabling app stores
  • Logon / Logoff reports
  • Ransomware protection
  • Alerts of unencrypted disks
  • Restrictions on administration tools and scripts

These settings can all be put in place to reflect your organisational policies. The policies listed above are included in our platform package.

For more details on each policy, view our Security Enhancement Guide.


Anti-virus is a fully managed additional solution. It is a proactive and efficient strategy to protect your network from malicious security threats.

Your computers, laptops and servers are safeguarded by complete endpoint protection. Scanning of critical system areas automatically disables infected hardware. After infection, it recovers systems, saving you valuable time and resources.

USB Control

Without proper supervision over the use of USB devices, your business is vulnerable to data theft and the introduction of viruses. A single flash drive can collapse an entire network if managed improperly.

Our USB Control service manages which USB sticks can be used on your devices by registering those safe to use. We recommend you block all USB storage devices if they are not a requirement within your business.

Cyber Essentials

To help combat Cyber Crime, the UK Government introduced the industry-backed Cyber Essentials certification scheme. Cyber Essentials defines a set of 5 key controls. These help safeguard your business from the most common types of cyber threat.
Getting certified reduces the threat of attack by up to 80%. It demonstrates your commitment to protecting your data, as well as your customer and supplier data. The accreditation also helps you to address other compliance issues, including those around GDPR.
At Breakwater IT, we not only offer the Cyber Essentials certification, but we also apply enhanced levels of protection. This is exclusively for our clients built around our own visions of cyber security. We take the stress out of completing the certification by doing it for you. We then follow up regularly using our own security standard review to make sure you’re complaint all year-round. This means there is no panic when your certification is due for renewal as we’ve been monitoring your security throughout the year.
Our security standard review is a points-based system. We check areas including backup and disaster recovery, external breach analysis and network security. We share this with you to enable us to work together on improving your IT security.

Security Reviews

As malware continues to advance, security is a serious consideration for any business.

To ensure your network has the best chance of combating cyber threats, we work with leading partners such as Microsoft, Cisco and Datto.

With innovative solutions and collective knowledge, we can review your current systems. We then make recommendations to remove vulnerabilities and enhance your defences.

Security reviews sit within our Consultancy services. They are supplementary to our support platform.

Cyber Security Training

When it comes to security, the first, and most important step in protecting your business is educating your team – and we can help with this.

In partnership with Mimecast, we offer security awareness training. The training is delivered in bite-sized videos at regular intervals to keep your employees learning throughout the year.

Mimecast awareness training uses humour in the videos to keep viewers engaged. You’ll see regular characters including ‘Human Error’ throughout. These characters ensure the training and knowledge are memorable. Each video ends with a single question to test the viewer’s knowledge.

Additionally, we also offer simulated phishing attacks. These are designed to test your employee’s response to a potential email threat. You can use pre-made templates or replicate a legitimate phishing email with the harmful content removed.

To help keep our clients safe, we also send regular emails with tips and advice, as well as downloadable guides to share with employees.

You can download some of our free guides below:

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