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Microsoft Forms screenshot
Demo: How to Use Microsoft Forms
Our video guide will show you how to use Microsoft Forms in Microsoft 365 on a web browser and within Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams Dark Mode
Demo: Five Customisation Features in Microsoft Teams
Take a look at these five customisation features in Microsoft Teams to help improve the application visually and save you time.
Microsoft Edge
Guide: Microsoft Edge – Sync, Settings and Personalisation
Learn how to sync Microsoft Edge to your business account, plus key settings and personalisation tips.
Approvals in Microsoft Teams
Demo: How to Use Approvals in Microsoft Teams
Learn more about the Approvals app and watch our guide on using it in Microsoft Teams.
Tasks By Planner and To Do in Microsoft Teams
Demo: How to Use Tasks by Planner and To-Do App
Learn how to use the Task by Planner and To Do app in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams
Demo: How to Use Lists in Microsoft Teams
Two video guides demonstrating how to use Microsoft Lists in Microsoft Teams.
Live Captions - Microsoft Teams
Demo: How to Use Microsoft Teams Live Captions
Learn how to use Microsoft Teams Live Captions when you're in a call or video call.
Microsoft Edge
Our Top Five Features in Microsoft Edge
From the Edge Sidebar to security measures, discover your new favourite feature.
Microsoft Teams logo
What is Microsoft Teams?
Discover why you should start using Teams today.