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Guide: How to Recognise Phishing Attacks
Watch or download our free guide to recognising and avoiding phishing attacks.
OneDrive Icon
Guide: Microsoft OneDrive Icons
Ever wondered what the different OneDrive icons mean? Find out in our free guide.
Cyber Security Glossary
Guide: Cyber Security Glossary
Use our Cyber Security Glossary to help you understand some of the common jargon used when discussing security measures.
Mimecast Outlook Plug-in
Guide: Mimecast in Outlook
A free guide to help you with the Mimecast Outlook plug-in.
Cyber Attack on Office Building Illustration
Guide: 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyber-Attack
Keeping your business safe from cyber-attacks should be a priority. Find out how in this free guide.
Social Media Icons
Guide: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on Social Media
Download our free guide to learn how to enable multi-factor authentication on social media.
Multi Factor Authentication Illustration
Guide: What is Multi-Factor Authentication?
Watch or download our free guide to multi-factor authentication.
Microsoft Edge
Guide: Microsoft Edge – Sync, Settings and Personalisation
Learn how to sync Microsoft Edge to your business account, plus key settings and personalisation tips.
Mimecast Email Security
Guide: Mimecast Email Security
A free guide to help you with Mimecast email security filtering on your inbox.