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Microsoft Teams logo
Introduction to Microsoft Teams | Video Series
This video series will give you an introduction to Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams logo
Our Top Five Features in Microsoft Teams
To celebrate five years since the launch of Teams, we've chosen our top five features.
Breakwater IT Logo on T-Shirt with Windows Laptop in the Background
Upcoming Changes to Microsoft Licensing
An update on the price increases and license plans coming this March.
Automatic Replies from a Shared Mailbox in Outlook
How to Set Automatic Replies from a Shared Outlook Mailbox
Watch or download our guide on how to set Automatic Replies on shared mailboxes.
Microsoft Teams logo with speech bubbles
Top Three Communication Features in Microsoft Teams
Discover three simple tips to communicate effectively with a team in Microsoft Teams.
Viva Engage Logo
Demo: What Is Viva Engage (Yammer)?
Always wondered what Viva Engage (Yammer) is? Find out in our video demo.
OneDrive Logo
Guide: Microsoft OneDrive Icons
Ever wondered what the different OneDrive icons mean? Find out in our free guide.
Windows 11 homepage
Introducing Windows 11
Take a look at the new Windows 11 features coming this year.
Syncing Files to File Explorer
Demo: How to Sync Microsoft Teams Files to File Explorer
Learn how to sync your Microsoft Teams files to the traditional file explorer view.
Sharing Files and Folders Externally in SharePoint
Demo: How to Share Files and Folders Externally on Microsoft Teams
Learn how to share files and folders with external contacts from Microsoft Teams via SharePoint.
PowerPoint Live Demo
Demo: How to Use PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams
Learn how to use PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams.
Computer screen showing our custom desk booking app.
What are Power Apps?
Ditch long-winded processes for custom applications using Power Apps.