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An Introduction to Microsoft Teams | Video Series
This video series will give you an introduction to Microsoft Teams.
How to Set Automatic Replies from a Shared Outlook Mailbox
Watch or download our guide on how to set Automatic Replies on shared mailboxes.
Microsoft Teams Team Page
Demo: Three Handy Communication Features in Microsoft Teams
Discover three simple tips to communicate effectively with a team in Microsoft Teams.
Gamma Horizon Desktop App
How to Use the Gamma Horizon Desktop Softphone and Personal Portal
Watch our video guides to learn everything you need to know.
Guide: How to Recognise Phishing Attacks
Watch or download our free guide to recognising and avoiding phishing attacks.
Breakwater Yammer Network
Demo: What Is Yammer and How to Use It
Always wondered what Yammer is? Find out in this video guide.
Mimecast Outlook Plug-in
Guide: Mimecast in Outlook
A free guide to help you with the Mimecast Outlook plug-in.
Syncing Files to File Explorer
Demo: How to Sync Microsoft Teams Files to File Explorer
Learn how to sync your Microsoft Teams files to the traditional file explorer view.
Sharing Files and Folders Externally
Demo: How to Share Files and Folders Externally on Microsoft Teams
Learn how to share files and folders with external contacts from Microsoft Teams via SharePoint.
PowerPoint Live Demo
Demo: How to Use PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams
Learn how to use PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft Teams Dark Mode
Demo: Five Customisation Features in Microsoft Teams
Take a look at these five customisation features in Microsoft Teams to help improve the application visually and save you time.
Microsoft Forms
Demo: How to Use Microsoft Forms
Our video guide will show you how to use Microsoft Forms in Microsoft 365 on a web browser and within Microsoft Teams.