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Outlook logo with a clock.
How to Schedule Emails in Outlook
Learn how to schedule emails in traditional and new Outlook.
Microsoft Edge Workspaces
Microsoft Edge: Workspaces Demo
Learn more about Microsoft Edge's latest feature, Workspaces.
Microsoft Loop Logo
What is Microsoft Loop?
What is Microsoft Loop, and how do you use it? Read our insight and watch our video demo to find out.
Microsoft Authenticator Number Matching on laptop and mobile graphic
Microsoft Authenticator Enforces Number Matching
On 8th May the Microsoft Authenticator app enforced number matching for users. Learn more.
Microsoft Teams Updates App
How to Use the Updates App in Microsoft Teams
Watch our video demo to find out how the Updates app works in Microsoft Teams.
Gamma Logo and homescreen on laptop graphic
Say Hello to Gamma Collaborate
The new softphone application from Gamma.
Zero Trust with shield and fingerprint graphic
What is Zero Trust?
Find out why you should adopt a zero-trust approach in your organisation.
Two laptops showcasing LastPass for Business
Demo: LastPass for Business
Our video demo will show you how to use LastPass for business, including the vault, browser extension and more...
Microsoft Teams logo
Introduction to Microsoft Teams | Video Series
This video series will give you an introduction to Microsoft Teams.
Automatic Replies from a Shared Mailbox in Outlook
How to Set Automatic Replies from a Shared Outlook Mailbox
Watch or download our guide on how to set Automatic Replies on shared mailboxes.
Microsoft Teams logo with speech bubbles
Top Three Communication Features in Microsoft Teams
Discover three simple tips to communicate effectively with a team in Microsoft Teams.
Gamma Horizon Personal Portal
How to Use the Gamma Horizon Personal Portal
Watch our video guide to learn everything you need to know about the Gamma Horizon personal portal.