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PC, Laptop and Mobile graphic
What is Bring Your Own Device?
BYOD may apply to your organisation without your knowledge. Find out more about what it is and how to remain secure...
Remote Access Scam
Cyber Scams: Remote Access Fraud
Don't let cybercriminals remote access your devices. Find out how to avoid this attack.
Cyber Scams: Payment Diversion Fraud
Don’t let your business get caught out by this phishing attack.
USB Stick in Computer
Are USB Sticks Safe to Use?
USB sticks may seem harmless, but they can cause huge security risks. Find out why...
Add a Phishing Reporting Shortcut to Outlook
Install an Outlook add-in that allows you to report phishing emails straight from your mailbox.
Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
Changes to Cyber Essentials | January 2022
Find out more about the changes coming to the Cyber Essentials Certification on 24 January.
Remote Working
How to Stay Secure When Remote Working
Our top tips to keep your data secure, wherever you work.
Guide: How to Recognise Phishing Attacks
Watch or download our free guide to recognising and avoiding phishing attacks.
Mobile phone safety
How to Keep Smart Phones and Tablets Secure
Whether staff have a business device or use a personal one to access your organisation’s data and accounts, you need to make sure they are secure.
Cyber Security Glossary
Guide: Cyber Security Glossary
Use our Cyber Security Glossary to help you understand some of the common jargon used when discussing security measures.
Mimecast Outlook Plug-in
Guide: Mimecast in Outlook
A free guide to help you with the Mimecast Outlook plug-in.
Cyber Attack on Office Building Illustration
Guide: 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyber-Attack
Keeping your business safe from cyber-attacks should be a priority. Find out how in this free guide.