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Microsoft 365 Monthly Feature Update. Microsoft Logo.
Microsoft 365 Monthly Feature Update
Check out our top three Microsoft 365 feature releases each month.
Microsoft Copilot
Get up to date with the latest on Microsoft's AI assistant.
Microsoft Clipchamp for Work
Learn more about Clipchamp, Microsoft’s video editor that’s free with 365 business licences.
Scheduling Emails in Outlook
How to Schedule Emails in Outlook
Learn how to schedule emails in traditional and new Outlook.
Microsoft Edge Workspaces
Microsoft Edge: Workspaces Demo
Learn more about Microsoft Edge's latest feature, Workspaces.
Microsoft Loop Logo
What is Microsoft Loop?
What is Microsoft Loop, and how do you use it? Read our insight and watch our video demo to find out.
Microsoft Teams 2.0
What is Microsoft Teams 2.0?
Teams 2.0 is the new build of Teams. Learn more about what's included and how to get Public Preview of the app.
Microsoft Authenticator Number Matching MFA
Microsoft Authenticator Enforces Number Matching
On 8th May the Microsoft Authenticator app enforced number matching for users. Learn more.
What is Microsoft Teams Premium?
Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on licence for Microsoft Teams. Learn more about what’s included.
Office 2013
End of Support For Office 2013
This April, Office 2013 will be out of support. Here’s what you need to know…
Laptop showing Windows 10
Is it OK to Still Be Using Windows 7 or 8?
If you're still running on Windows 7 or 8, here's what you need to know.
Microsoft Teams Updates App
How to Use the Updates App in Microsoft Teams
Watch our video demo to find out how the Updates app works in Microsoft Teams.