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Laptop graphics with sign in page being lifted by a fishing rod
Guide: Strong Password Hygiene
Download our free guide to good password hygiene.
Microsoft Teams 2.0
What is Microsoft Teams 2.0?
Teams 2.0 is the new build of Teams. Learn more about what's included and how to get Public Preview of the app.
Microsoft Authenticator Number Matching on laptop and mobile graphic
Microsoft Authenticator Enforces Number Matching
On 8th May the Microsoft Authenticator app enforced number matching for users. Learn more.
Microsoft Teams Premium
What is Microsoft Teams Premium?
Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on licence for Microsoft Teams. Learn more about what’s included.
Social Engineering
What is Social Engineering?
Learn more about the human side of cyber threats.
Mimecast Email Security on monitor graphic
Guide: Mimecast Email Security
A free guide to help you with Mimecast email security filtering on your inbox.
31 Cyber Security Tips
31 Cyber Security Tips
To celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re bringing you one tip per day for the month. Read them all here.
Microsoft Teams Updates App
How to Use the Updates App in Microsoft Teams
Watch our video demo to find out how the Updates app works in Microsoft Teams.
Endpoint Detection and Response graphic with devices and a shield in the middle
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) vs Antivirus
Discover which is best to keep your business safe from cyber threats.
Graphic of laptop with padlock and coin on the screen
What is Ransomware?
What it is, how it works, and the most common questions on ransomware answered.
Gamma Logo and homescreen on laptop graphic
Say Hello to Gamma Collaborate
The new softphone application from Gamma.
Zero Trust with shield and fingerprint graphic
What is Zero Trust?
Find out why you should adopt a zero-trust approach in your organisation.