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Fluid Components - Microsoft Teams
The New Features Coming to Microsoft 365: August 2021
Fluid Components in Teams, Breakout Rooms for Teams Android and more from Microsoft.
Hybrid Working
Our IT Recommendations for Hybrid Working
From softphones to Microsoft Teams - find out how to get the most from hybrid working.
Cyber Security Glossary
Guide: Cyber Security Glossary
Use our Cyber Security Glossary to help you understand some of the common jargon used when discussing security measures.
Windows 11
Introducing Windows 11
Take a look at the new Windows 11 features coming this year.
Mimecast Outlook Plug-in
Guide: Mimecast in Outlook
A free guide to help you with the Mimecast Outlook plug-in.
Microsoft Lists
The New Features Coming to Microsoft 365: July 2021
Take Lists offline, speed dial for Business Voice and more from Microsoft.
Syncing Files to File Explorer
Demo: How to Sync Microsoft Teams Files to File Explorer
Learn how to sync your Microsoft Teams files to the traditional file explorer view.
Cyber Attack on Office Building Illustration
Guide: 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Cyber-Attack
Keeping your business safe from cyber-attacks should be a priority. Find out how in this free guide.
Sharing Files and Folders Externally
Demo: How to Share Files and Folders Externally on Microsoft Teams
Learn how to share files and folders with external contacts from Microsoft Teams via SharePoint.
Why Email Security is Important for Your Business
In 2020, Mimecast reported a 64% increase in email threats.
PowerPoint Live Demo
Demo: How to Use PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams
Learn how to use PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams.
Custom Together Mode Scence in Microsoft Teams
The New Features Coming to Microsoft 365: June 2021
Custom Together Mode scenes in Teams and more from Microsoft.