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Add a Phishing Reporting Shortcut to Outlook
Install an Outlook add-in that allows you to report phishing emails straight from your mailbox.
Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
Changes to Cyber Essentials | January 2022
Find out more about the changes coming to the Cyber Essentials Certification on 24 January.
Microsoft Building Sign
The New Features Coming to Microsoft 365: January
A redesigned font picker, mirror your video in Teams and more from Microsoft.
Microsoft Teams Team Page
Demo: Three Handy Communication Features in Microsoft Teams
Discover three simple tips to communicate effectively with a team in Microsoft Teams.
Gamma Horizon Desktop App
How to Use the Gamma Horizon Desktop Softphone and Personal Portal
Watch our video guides to learn everything you need to know.
Microsoft Keyboard Logo
The New Features Coming to Microsoft 365: December
Automated webinar invites, lock Whiteboard content and more from Microsoft.
Gamma Horizon Softphone App on Mobile and Desktop
What is a Softphone?
Discover the benefits of moving your business to softphone applications.
OneDrive Icon
When OneDrive for Business Desktop Support is Ending for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
OneDrive for business support will end later than OneDrive personal on desktop.
Remote Working
How to Stay Secure When Remote Working
Our top tips to keep your data secure, wherever you work.
Guide: How to Recognise Phishing Attacks
Watch or download our free guide to recognising and avoiding phishing attacks.
Warning on Computer Screen
What You Should Do if Your Business Is Breached by a Cyber Attack
‘It won’t happen to me or my business’. We’ve all likely thought it. But what if it does happen?
Lego Cyber Attack Figure
The Signs of a Cyber-Attack
Cyber-criminals are incredibly smart with their attacks. You could be unaware of a breach for weeks, or even months.